The role philanthropy plays in leadership

Philanthropy cultivates a strong culture of charity and leadership in communities and organizations. Caroline Sturken, an active member of the Phi Sigma Sigma sisterhood, carries the same vision as the sorority. Through her involvement with the sorority’s philanthropic efforts, she can ignite positive change and personal development.

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While often overlooked, leadership development is a key result of philanthropic efforts. It is a product of philanthropy that perpetuates growth and success in organizations. Any work that aims to spark social justice and oppose any enduring structural obstacles in achieving sustainable change must be spearheaded by leadership development, backed by philanthropic efforts. One of the ways philanthropy can champion leadership development is to increase its funding for the cause. Funding is not the sole fuel for the cause, but it sure is a catalyst.

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Philanthropic organizations often have program strategies in place. Leadership development must be put at the forefront rather than being an afterthought. Leaders of organizations are encouraged to incorporate leadership development with grant-making blueprint fully. Philanthropic groups that support the cause must be successful in considering how dynamics of trauma, power, gender, race, and identity influence the total experience of leadership development.

Caroline Sturken mentions that Phi Sigma Sigma leads programs that are designed to aid all members in their growth and development. Leadership development efforts such as training, workshops, and support are given to up-and-coming leaders to improve their skills and talents to serve their campus communities and chapters.

Caroline Sturken is currently a student of politics, philosophy, and law. She is part of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, which focuses on various methods of philanthropy — specifically regarding school and college readiness. For more on Caroline, click here.

A passionate and motivated student, Caroline Sturken has made the honor roll, high honor roll, and dean’s list in all semesters in high school and college.